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SISLP Welcomes into membership photographers whose photographic interest cover every sport and leisure activity.
Some of the sports covered by our members:

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JoinArchery, Animal sports, Artistic Gymnastics, Athletics, Aviation, Badminton, Ballooning, Basketball, Board sports, Bobsleigh, Bowling, Boxing, Canoeing, Caving, Climbing, Combat, Cricket, Croquet, Curling, Cycling, Darts, Dressage, Equstrian, Extreme sports, Fencing, Football, Gliding, Golf, Greyhound Racing, Paragliding,  Hockey,  Wrestling, Slamball, Shooting, Gymnastics, Cricket, Court sports, Volleyball, Water.Sports, Rowing, Motor Vehicle, Skating, Skiing, Snowboard, Hockey, Air sports, Adventure, Wrestling, Fencing, Ice.Skating,  Swimming, Squash, Beach Volleyball, Volleyball, Weightlifting, Handball, Diving, Karate, Water Polo, GreyhoundsTennis, Taekwondo, Mountain Bike, Jitsu, Fishing, Skittles, Sailing Clay Pigeon Shooting, Netball, Judo   Horse Racing, Weightlifting, F1, Motor.Racing, Rallying, Fishing, Luge, Fencing, Curling, Ten-Pin-BowlingMartial.Arts,  Hunting,  Motorcycle racing, Parachuting, Polo, Motor.Sports, Windsports, Limited editions, Netball, Fine art Prints, Picture Library, Martial Arts Snooker, Rugby, Rowing

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