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by Mike McNamee Published 01/08/2014


Tough in the field: weather-sealed full metal body.

When I bought the camera I did wonder if I would miss the crop factor as I photograph mainly wildlife; well so far it has not been a problem and I have even had good results using the 500mm with a 2xTC, I simply ensure that I use it at f11 and with a commensurately fast shutter speed.

The camera has two compact flash slots; by no means is this unique but it is the first camera I have owned to have this function so if I have a 32GB card in each slot I can almost guarantee I will have enough memory with me without having to change cards in any one day.


Storage media: two card slots-one for high-speed CF (UDMA 7) cards, and one for high-speed, high-capacity XQD cards.

In a nutshell the camera has been a revelation to me, it does everything I want and the quality is outstanding. Would I recommend it - yes to the sort of person who would learn how to use it. If you cannot be bothered to read the handbook this camera will be wasted, in fact if you don't use it properly you will be disappointed because the results will not be the best.

Do I hear you say what is the downside? Well for me nothing at all ... apart from the price!

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