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by Mike McNamee Published 01/08/2014


Revamped 16.2-MP FX-format sensor: offers the ultimate in image quality and excellent cropping flexibility. Phenomenal light sensitivity: ISO range of 100-25600 is extendable up to an industry-leading 409600 (equivalent). EXPEED 4: boosts the camera's overall performance to a whole new level.

Mike's Techie bit

Time did not allow much in the way of technical testing. Normally we run a bracket sequence, shooting at a Macbeth chart and determine the characteristics of both colour reproduction and exposure judgement. In the event our inexperience led us to fail miserably. Despite thinking we had shot a bracket set we had not in fact done so. Even so this was not much of an embarrassment and the data we obtained were excellent.

We employed the Rags Gardner scripts to assess the colour accuracy. This delivered a delta E of 2.5 (?Eoo) right out of the box from an exposure that was, for all practical purposes, spot on.


Fast durable shutter: Kevlar/carbon fibre-composite shutter unit with 42 ms shutter lag, standard life cycle rating of 400,000 releases and a shutter speed of 1/8000 to 30s, with flash synchronization at up to 1/250 sec. A new shutter and mirror mechanism delivers a stable viewfinder image with minimal blackout during high-speed shooting.

Some of the hue and saturation errors registered as zero, the largest errors were in the highlight and shadow tones (ie the very light tones including white and the dark tones including black).

Overall this mismatch between contrast in the target and that in the image generated the highest errors but as we have already said they were small enough to be ignored by most users.

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