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by Paul Zammit Cutajar Published 01/10/2016


The courses may be altered between events.

Although the opportunities are endless, the water sport perils to body and equipment are ever-present. Falling in usually leads to trouble - you're facing a long list of potential outcomes and costs. Even out of the water there is always the issue of salt and sand, sometimes resulting in a need to retain the same lens on the camera at all times. Water plus rock also equals algae, and algae equals low-grip slippery surfaces - it pays to be vigilant about your footing and movement at all times.


The derelict Athens course.

Technically the only real challenge is exposure judgement. Sun and water fool most automatic exposure systems but at least there is plenty of it and so low ISO settings can be employed. The water also tends to act as a huge reflector. Flash fill is inadvisable as it can blind competitors who need perfect vision to spot the gates correctly. They get very grumpy if you flash them.

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